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Tournament Rules

Winter Futsal Rules

Tournament Liability Release Form - no need to print. During check-in teams will sign forms.


*FIFA rules apply if not modified within*

Teams will be placed into divisions based upon their age at the start of the 2019 Fall season.

Field Dimensions: The playing field is 30 yards long by 22 yards wide for U10 and U12, it’s 40X30 for U14 and above. The goals are four feet high by six feet wide.

Ball Size: U10-U12= Size 4, U14 and above = Size 5

No Offsides in 3v3 Soccer!

No Slide Tackling: Players must stay upright and "on their feet" and may not make contact with an opposing player when going to ground.

Goal Scoring: A goal may only be scored from a touch (offensive or defensive) within a team's offensive half of the field (Ball must be completely on the offensive half of the field: Can not be touching the midline). If a player in their defensive end kicks the ball across midline and the ball hits another player (offensive or defensive) and the ball goes in the goal, a goal will be awarded.

The Goal Box: The goal box, eight feet wide by five feet long, is directly in front of the goal. The goals are four feet high by six feet wide. There is no ball contact allowed within the goal box, however, any player may pass through the goal box. If the ball comes to rest in the goal box, a goal kick is awarded regardless of who touched the ball last. Any part of the ball or player's body on the line is considered in the goal box and is an extension of such. Once the ball has broken the plane of the goal box, if the ball is touched by the defensive team, a penalty will be awarded. If the offensive player touches after the ball has broken the plane, a goal kick will be awarded. The plane of the goal box extends upward.

Game Duration: The game shall consist of two 10 minute halves separated by a 3 minute halftime period OR the first team to reach 12 goals, whichever comes first. The referee will determine direction and possession before the start of the game. The team winning the coin toss will choose which goal to defend and the other team will kick. Games tied after regulation play shall end in a tie, except in the playoffs. A team, at the discretion of the referee, will forfeit at game time if they are not present. There are no timeouts during 3v3 games.

Penalty Kicks: Shall be awarded if, in the referee's opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction (the infraction does not automatically result in a red card). It is a direct kick taken from the center of the midfield line with all players behind the midfield line and the player taking the kick. This is a "deadball" kick. If a goal is not scored, the defense obtains possession with a goal kick.

Hand Ball Clarification: Deliberate handling of the ball that denies the opposing team a goal or an obvious goals coring opportunity will result in the following: a penalty kick will be awarded & the player committing the foul will be sent off and shown a red card (at referee's discretion).

Cautioned Players (Yellow Card): Players that receive two yellow cards in one game will
result in a red card. (Please see Red card rule) Any player accumulating three yellow cards
during a tournament will automatically be suspended for their next game (no exceptions).

Five Yard Rule: In all deadball situations, defending players must stand at least five yards
away from the ball. If the defensive player's goal is closer than five yards, the ball shall be
played five yards from the goal box, in line with the place of the penalty.

Kick-Ins: The ball shall be kicked into play from the sideline instead of thrown in. The ball
is considered in play when the ball is touched with a foot and moves one full rotation.

Indirect Kicks: All deadball kicks (kickins, free kicks, kickoffs) are indirect with the
exception of corner/penalty kicks. Goal Kicks: May be taken from any point on the endline.

Kick Off: May be taken in any direction.

Number of Players: 6 is the maximum number of players on a team; three field players
and three substitutes (A team must have a minimum
of 3 field players). 5 Players are recommended for 3v3 Soccer. Players may only play on
(one) team per division. There are no goalkeepers in 3v3.

Player Registration: All players must be registered on their team's roster form before the
tournament begins (player must be on roster before the first game).

Substitutions: Substitutions may be made at any deadball situation, regardless of
possession. Teams must get the referee's attention and players are to enter and exit at

Protests: Protests are strongly discouraged as this is a friendly tournament. Referee
judgment calls are not grounds for a protest.

* The Tournament Director will have final authority on all event disputes and issues as
well as interpretations of Tournament Rules *

1. Each team will play 3 round-robin games, weather permitting, over the course of the Tournament.
2. The tournament Final will be played by the first and second place team after group play. The
Consolation game will be played by the 3rd and 4th place teams.
3. Finals and Consolation games will be played Saturday evening.

1. Each team will be awarded points as follows:

3 points for a win
1 points for a tie
0 points for a loss

2. At the end of the round robin games, group placement will be determined by the amount
points accumulated during group play. In the event of a tie within a group, the following criteria
shall be used to determine the winner.

1. Greatest combined goal difference in all group matches, with a maximum of +3 and a minimum of –3 for any one game.
2. Greatest combined number of goals scored in all group matches, max 4 goals per game.
3. If more than one team remain level after applying the above criteria, their ranking will be determined as follows:

1. Greatest number of points in head-to-head matches among those teams
2. Greatest goal difference in head-to-head matches among those teams
3. Greatest number of goals scored in head-to-head matches among those teams
4. If any of the teams above remain level after applying the above criteria, their ranking will be determined by kicks from the mark.

1. Winners of each group advance to the Championship Match. The 3rd and 4th place team will play in the consolation game.
2. Overtime consists of a 5 minute "golden goal" overtime period with a coin toss to decide kickoff/direction. The first team to score in overtime is the winner. If no team has scored in the 5 minute overtime, the winner shall be decided by a shootout. The three players from each team remaining on the field at the end of the overtime period, will enter a rotation of penalty kicks alternating teams with each kick, with the higher scoring team winning after the first round. If the score remains tied after the first round of penalty kicks, the same 3 players will alternate in the same order in a sudden death penalty kick format until one team scores unanswered. If one team has received a red card during the game and finishes with 2 players on the field, a remaining roster player (other than the red carded player) may be chosen to kick in the rotation of penalty kicks. If the red carded player is the last remaining roster player, one of the two field players may kick twice.

2019 Winter Indoor Tournament Rules

All decisions made by the tournament organizers are final.


MUSA Futsal Cup for all eligible U8, U10, U12 and U14 players. USYSA, US Club Soccer affiliates are accepted. Tournament Teams are welcomed and all we need is an Adult coach and a roster of players.
U8 and U10 will consist of 3 players and a goalkeeper. U12 and U14 will consist of 4 field players and a goalkeeper. Roster maximum is 10.
A team must start the game with at least 4 players.
The tournament will furnish a regulation Futsal game ball for each game.
Teams will wear matching color jerseys. Only standard indoor shoes or tennis/athletic shoes
are allowed. NO cleats. All players must wear shin guards. Casts and splints must be properly wrapped and play eligibility will be determined
by the referee.
A 1 man system will be used in all games. 
The ball may be played in any direction from kick offs.
All fouls are direct in nature (with the exception of a kick off). The opposition must stand a minimum of 10 feet away from the ball on all restarts.
When a game is restarted after an injury the restart kick will be taken by the team that had clear possession prior to the stoppage. If there is no clear possession, then the game will be restarted with a drop ball at the point where the ball was when the game was stopped. If the game was stopped inside the penalty area, all restarts, whether by kick or drop ball, will be from the top of the restraining arc.
Failure by a team to put the ball into play within five seconds, as signaled by the referee, results in a possession turnover.
If the ball hits the ceiling, a kick-in is taken at the closest point on the nearest touchline.
Goalies may NOT punt or drop kick the ball. Goalies may only throw the ball or put it to the floor and play it. Passes back to the keeper that result in a free kick are to be taken at the nearest point on the penalty box.
No slide tackling allowed. Slide tackles will result in a direct free kick and May, at the discretion of the referee; result in a yellow or red card to the offending player.
All kicks are direct, excluding the kickoff. The nearest defender must be at least three paces (ten feet) away from the ball.
No throw-ins, only kick-ins that are indirect in nature.
Players, reserve players, managers, coaches, assistant coaches, and fans are expected to conduct themselves with the letter and spirit of "THE LAWS OF THE GAME.” The site directors have the authority and responsibility to remove any person(s) from the tournament for abuses to good conduct, in addition to any specific disciplinary action brought about by other authorities. Only players and coaches are allowed on the players side of the field of play.
Fighting or excessive abuse of the referee shall, at the sole discretion of the referee, result in a red card issued to the offending player(s) or Coaches. Teams guilty of this offense must play the remainder of the game short-handed. Players and Coaches issued a red card for fighting are to be prevented from any further participation in the tournament and are required to leave the indoor arena facility immediately.


  • No offsides.
  • 2- 12 minute halves for u8 and u10. 5 minutes for halftime.
  • 2- 15 minutes halves for u12 and u14. 4 minutes for half time.

Free substitutions are made "on the fly".  Player can only enter or leave the game at the mid field line, and a player may only enter a game after the player they are replacing has left the field.  Failure to do so results in a caution and a Direct free kick is taken from where the ball was situated when the game was stopped to caution the player.
GOAL KICKS (Done by hand)
When the offensive team puts the ball over the end line, the other team gets the ball.  The goalie must throw the ball within 4 seconds of retrieving it and put it back into play by throwing it.  The throw must leave the penalty area. Opposing team must stay out of penalty area during a goal clearance.   If a player touches ball before it leaves penalty area, GK retakes the throw.  The GK cannot touch ball again until an opponent  touches it.
To be taken inside the corner arc, If there is no arc, kick is taken at the point where goal line and touch line meet (at corner).
Futsal is a minimum contact sport. However, some contact may occur, as long as it is done in a legal manner. It cannot be done by play that is careless, reckless, or with excessive force.
Slide tackling is NOT allowed.

 1.Divisional winners will be determined by the following point system:
 a. Win - 3 points
 b. Tie - 1 points
 c. Loss - 0 points

  In the event that teams are tied on the basis of points, the following tiebreakers will be considered in order until the tie is broken:
 a) Winner of head-to-head competition. (This criterion is not used if more than two teams
 are tied.)
 b) Most wins.
 c) Team with greatest net goal difference (NGD), which is computed as ‘goals for’ minus ‘goals against’ with a maximum of 4 NGD in each game.
 d) Team with least goals against (there is NO limit on the number of goals that will be
 counted to determine this tiebreaker).
 e) Team with the most goals (maximum of 4 goals in each game).
 f) Kicks from penalty spot per FIFA Laws of the Game.


Awards will be given for the winner of the consolation game (3rd vs 4th) and the final 1st vs 2nd).

All decisions made by the tournament organizers are final. 

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